7 Morning Rituals to Manifest Positivity

July 28, 2016

Like most people, you probably aren’t a fan of that Monday alarm (perhaps you’re also guilty of hitting snooze a few times?). Whether you want to admit it or not, it may be difficult for you to begin your day with a positive outlook when all you want to do is sleep for a few more hours.

However, you can combat the case of the Mondays—or the “mornings”— by making a conscious effort to manifest positive feelings and energy from the moment that alarm goes off to the end of the day. It’s also easy, so don’t worry. You won’t need to read loads of books or take a special course on “how to manifest positive energy.” The only thing you need to start is to begin your day a few minutes earlier than you might normally.

Giving yourself a bit more wiggle room in the morning will keep you from beginning your day stressed out and will also allow you time to get yourself headed in a positive direction through morning rituals.

7 Morning Rituals to Manifest Positivity

Here are seven morning rituals you can try to foster productivity and positivity once you’re up and moving:

1. Begin with an easy morning meditation or breathing exercise.

It may be as simple as a one to two-minute, slow-breathing exercise to get your blood moving through your body. You can also try a short, guided meditation, and there are many options out there that are available to you for free, like this handy YouTube video made specifically to get your morning started right.

2. Go for a quick yoga practice.

Your short meditation can even transition you to a ritual of morning yoga. Yoga not only helps you maintain and increase flexibility, but it also generates a balanced and joyful energy that will continue to stay with you throughout the day.

7 Morning Rituals to Manifest Positivity

Here are five morning stretches to get you started. 

If yoga isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, simply stretch a little while taking a quiet moment to organize your thoughts, analyzing what your body, your mind, and even your soul might need for the day. A mental checklist will help you be mindful during the day, and your positive mindset will help you be more productive.

3. Dance it out.

Maybe music is therapy for you. If this is the case, put together a playlist of your favorite songs that always leave you feeling happy and pumped — and dance. Dance around the house as if you are freaking Tina Turner. It’ll be an outlet for any pent-up frustration, and the blood flow you’re circulating will help those happy-making endorphins kick in.

4. Sing your heart out.

Prefer singing to dancing? The same principles apply. In fact, singing can change your emotional outlook (those endorphins again—and oxytocin) which helps combat mental fatigue and anxiety. So belt out those tunes as loud as you want and ‘let it goooooo.’ You’ll be setting yourself up for a brilliant day.

5. Hit the morning workout hard.

If you need a more intense endorphin experience, schedule your morning workout hard before the shower. Consider taking it outside if you live near a suitable outdoor space (park, ocean, lake etc.). A change of scenery will be a wake-up call in its own way, and you’ll feel ready to take on the day once you make it back home.

6. Try a quiet “you” moment.

7 Morning Rituals to Manifest Positivity

Carving out that extra time in the morning can also help you get to those”‘me-time” things you can never seem to pencil in— like that best seller that’s been sitting on your end table for three months. You’ve done your meditation, yoga, exercise etc.— take 20 minutes for an activity you love and fill up that self-love tank. It can be reading, writing, drawing, or whatever activity it is that brings you joy. Your day will feel more balanced as you head off to work to take on the day.

7. Change the way you commute.

Keep yourself out of traffic whenever possible. Studies show that people who bike, walk, or take a train to work are happier and experience less stress throughout the day than those who don’t. If that isn’t necessarily an option for you, organize a meetup place for friends or co-workers to drive together, so you can socialize and catch up, rather than simply sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

7 Morning Rituals to Manifest Positivity


These solutions are quite simple and don’t require much more than a little bit of extra time—yet they provide a powerful boost for bringing some positivity to your day. No matter what you choose to do to make your morning routine one of fulfillment and positivity, remember the point is to foster a state of mindfulness that will help you recognize the specific things your mind, body, and soul need to function fully and happily.

Through any combination of these morning rituals, you’ll create a positive journey for your day from the moment you wake up until you fall back into your bed at night—which also will allow for a more restful night’s sleep.

What are your favorite ways to spend the first few hours of the day?

Do you practice morning rituals?

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