7 Holiday Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion

December 10, 2013

December is the busiest time of year and last thing you want is to spend time worrying about what you’ll wear. Here are some simple ideas so you’ll look your best.

Don’t: Carry around a hair straightener in your tote–it’s heavy as it is.

DO: Keep your hair in a braid or a loose bun, and take it out right before the party. Voila, instant waves/volume!

Don’t: Wear solid black tights with your light, slinky cocktail frock

DO: Go for nylons or bare legs if you’re really brave

Don’t: Carry your day bag to your holiday party

DO: Put a sparkly wallet or clutch in your day bag. Keep the tote in your car or even at your work closet and just take the clutch to the party!

asos white dress

Your friend’s engagement party

Holiday season–between now and New Year’s–is also known as engagement season, and this kind of gathering requires something a touch more refined and chic, not cutesy or (heaven forbid) trying too hard. This sleek dress says you are effortlessly sexy, elegant, and intelligent, all without a word. Asos Drape Dress with perspex strap, $72.60

asos halter jump suit

Brooklyn loft party

We all have those cooler-than-cool friends who may or may not actually live in a loft in Brooklyn. Add a statement bangle and a top knot and you’ll look like an artist, too. Asos Halterneck Jump Suit, $69.87

anthropologie dress

Office holiday party

Make the right impression with a subdued but still festive sheath dress. Anthropologie Byzantine Laced Sheath, $188

31bit necklace

The statement necklace

Geometric, sparkly baubles like this make any outfit more festive. This necklace from 31Bit is handmade by women artisans in Uganda; and part of proceeds go to empowering the women and children there, including English classes! 31Bit Sparkle Dolly Glam necklace, $36

the city glow bracelet

The sparkly bracelet

Stack these beaded bracelets up your wrists to add a touch of madcap glamour. 31Bit The City Glow Bracelet, $28

the city glow bracelet

…A great holiday outfit is a study in contrasts. Flannel shirts and boy blazer balance out glamorous sparkly baubles.

anthropologie clutch

Glamorous clutch in something other than black.

#1 Rule of Holiday Dressing: If you have to choose between splurging on an evening bag or dressy shoes, always choose the bag. Your work pump should be able to pull off any cocktail party, granted that the heels are thin and tall. On the other hand, you will look and feel much more elegant (have you tried working a cocktail party with your day bag?) with a small clutch that just glitters in one hand, like a jewel. Anthropologie Damask Scroll Clutch in Cotton Velvet, $68

josie maran lipstick in spirited red

Red lipstick

One of my recent favorites: This is a classic red that looks good on every skin tone. The finish is surprisingly more satin than glossy, but feels very hydrating and smooth. Josie Maran Argan Love Your Lips Hydrating Lipstick in Spirited Red, $28

Remember, the best dressed girl at any party is the one who is smiling the brightest. Be confident and have fun!!

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