6 Questionable Spiritual Advice You Find On Social Media

August 19, 2021

There are many pages sharing inspirational quotes on social media these days. I love reading and sharing such posts, but keep noticing how even the best pages sometimes miss the point entirely. Let’s discuss the 6 pieces of common spiritual advice that I find going against the main spirituality concepts: love, acceptance, presence and personal power. Here is why such advice falls out of love mentality, which is the main path to filling your life with joy, peace, and abundance.


A common, if I do say so myself, mistake is expressing spirituality through aggression as in: “I hate it when people…”, “beat your insecurities”, “I am spiritual, but I can still kick your…”. Love is our essence and everything can be approached through love. Emotions and other people are not our enemies (more about it below). The only way to heal emotions is through compassion and understanding.

Of course, we all slip into our human ways at times and react emotionally. But it is about recognizing these moments and trying to do better, not promoting a “badass” attitude, hate, and other rejection-based feelings. This does not serve you. It is a negative vibration you cultivate within yourself. The Universe then responds to it, sending you experiences that match that negativity. Attract good things instead by maintaining good attitude as much as possible. You don’t need to fight anything or anyone. Calmness is our power.

Escapism a.k.a. “I can’t wait to get to a better place” mentality

This one is my favorite. People behind “spiritual” pages love to talk about how they don’t belong here, how this 3D existence is too primitive for them, and they cannot wait to go to a better place, miss the place where their soul is understood, body is loved, and heart is filled.

These posts demotivate people. We have the absolute power to create our own paradise here. We can most certainly love ourselves and our body and start right this minute. Posts like this suggest waiting for external love and validation. We shape our life here on Earth with the extent of our self-love, self-acceptance, remembrance of our power to manifest, and learning to connect to the vibrations of love, presence, and gratitude.

There is no need to go to a better place. For every struggle we are also gifted so many blessings, beautiful experiences, and magic. As long as we keep our hearts and minds open we keep receiving it. Please do not wait for your life to be over, make this a better place, make this the best place! You have more than enough power to do so. Learn to love life and it will be sending love back to you.

Addressing “haters”

Every now and then we see posts like “show them,” “they will see!”, “you doubted me, ha?”, “they don’t want you to win.” This is separation mentality. We can see everything and everyone in our lives as a reflection of something we need to learn and improve about ourselves and our lives. Sometimes people lead by bad example, show us who we do not want to be. Sometimes they just teach us compassion, calmness, and minding our own business. Sometimes they show us an exaggerated quality or something we dislike about ourselves and want no trace of in our character. Then the lesson is accepting that part of ourselves and patiently working on doing and being better.

They are not haters, they are a mirror. I have recently come across a really cool podcast by Teal Swan, in which she explains the purpose of life and how the Universe was scattered into numerous identities that all think they are separate. In fact, we are all unique expressions of Source, of the Universe. Through interaction with each other and personal growth and development we are helping the Universe become whole again. Remembering who we are, we help the Source understand itself.

From this perspective nobody is a hater. Everybody is connected, we are all one. People that trigger us give us an opportunity to be more confident, relaxed and patient. And these skills are needed for us to live our most magical lives. So haters or helpers in us achieving our dreams?

“I am better than them regulars”

Meet the spiritual ego. A pattern of dealing with low self-esteem and attempt at finding self-love through justification that you are better, deeper, wiser, and more enlightened than others. We see so much of it: “signs you are a healer,” “we empaths are more special because…” This need to categorize and label yourself as a more advanced being.

I am an empath, and this is just my characteristic. I don’t need to share posts telling others I can feel things better than they can (I’m not sure it even works like that). It is important for us to recognize when our ego tries to use superiority to improve the perception of self-worth. Nobody is better than anybody else. We are all unique and all have a purpose.

I don’t know about you but I get these thoughts regularly. Ideas of how I’m better than somebody else I am currently observing. Then I shut it down, because this is not the way to self-love. You learn to love yourself thinking there are millions of people just as special as you. Yet you are a diamond. It is never about comparison. Self-worth has nothing to do with comparison. You deserve the best in life by default.


Sex sells. Many pages use it to attract attention, get more shares, and even try to interest people in spirituality with the promise of them becoming sexier as a result. Many list sex as a spiritual practice, and it is indeed. However, we need to acknowledge how many people are misusing, wasting their sexual energy, and are harming themselves doing so. What needs to be done is educating people about the power of sexual energy, how important it is to harvest it and direct it into what benefits and not drains us.

Sex is a sacral act, an energy exchange, and should not be promoted as a tool of spiritual growth without explaining how this energy is best used. For instance, masturbation is very often promoted by the above mentioned spiritual pages. While a lot of teachings explain the benefits of abstaining from or at least limiting it and directing this energy toward your passions and goals instead. You can always see people commenting this advice under such posts.

Being productive

“You are complaining about your dreams not coming true? Well then get off the couch and work on them day and night.“ Well… Even though we should be active, I would say, the main issue here is actually complaining. Hard work is not productive. We need time to rest and enjoy life to the fullest. That is the whole point. Our heart tells us which activities align us with our dreams, when and for how long we should do it.

We can think of our dreams as if they are already guaranteed to us, already here, feel (imagine) as if we experience our desires right now. The Universe sees what you are already experiencing and then just makes sure the physical reality matches it. It is that simple. You can desire as many things as you want, just do not believe that your happiness depends on attaining them. This is what will make your activities easier, because you are not chasing anything. You are already happy. As we have just agreed, you are already living your dreams *wink*.


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Photo: Gus Ruballo via Unsplash; Laura Chouette via Unsplash

Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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