5 Wellness and Vegan Indie Magazines You’ll Love

July 28, 2015

As much as I love reading blogs (and I hope you do, too, ahem), I’m also a magazine addict. I especially enjoy finding indie magazines that cater to vegans and/or wellness junkies. They’re a wonderful way to learn about innovators in the field and lesser known (but awesome!) brands. Whether in digital or classic hardcopy format, wellness and vegan indie magazines provide a lovely way to relax, find inspiration, and even educate yourself.

5 Vegan and Wellness Indie Magazines You’ll Love | Peaceful Dumpling

Thoughtfully Magazine

Thoughtfully represents a movement for embracing the beauty around us and living mindfully. Full of green beauty finds and DIY tips, it’s perfect for a natural beauty lover like myself. Thoughtfully also features spreads on travel, eco-fashion, wellness, and seasonal eating. The magazine is full of beautiful graphics. One of my favorite spreads is “Zeus’ Lovers” in Issue 1, a piece with a gorgeously styled model wearing makeup looks inspired by Zeus’ lovers, including Europa and Leda. The makeup looks, of course, are created with natural makeup from beloved brands like Vapour and Jane Iredale.

5 Vegan and Wellness Indie Magazines You’ll Love | Peaceful Dumpling

Laika Magazine

Laika is a vegan magazine that reports on cutting-edge innovations, restaurants, and designers. From interviews with smart thinkers like Sarma Melngailis (one of our favorites!) to profiles on up and coming brands like Freedom of Animals (another PD fav), Laika is the place to learn about all things awesome and vegan. I especially enjoyed Issue 4’s spread on a rescued pig–who is now someone’s adorable pet.

5 Vegan and Wellness Indie Magazines You’ll Love | Peaceful Dumpling

Barefoot Vegan Magazine

Barefoot Vegan is a UK-based e-magazine (that’s free!) serving to shift our thinking beyond merely our diets and inspire positive change in all areas of our lives. The magazine features sections on animals, vegan news, mother nature, and mind, body, and spirit. Thanks to Barefoot Vegan, I now know that IKEA (yes, the Swedish furniture company), has launched vegan meatballs and that animals in France are now officially recognized as “living, sentient beings.” Barefoot Vegan is like a less frenetic version of your vegan list feed on Twitter.

5 Vegan and Wellness Indie Magazines You’ll Love | Peaceful Dumpling

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine highlights the positive elements of a vegan lifestyle while also fostering a community of like-minded food and animal lovers. On a mission to find the cruelty-free version of everything, Vegan Lifestyle Magazine offers the latest info on vegan travel, holidays, stellar restaurants across the globe, fashion, accessories, personal products, animal rights, and even vegan tattoo artists. Find Vegan Lifestyle Magazine in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.

5 Vegan and Wellness Indie Magazines You’ll Love | Peaceful Dumpling

T.O.F.U. Magazine

T.O.F.U. is a vegan magazine based in Canada with feelers around the globe. The crew at T.O.F.U. is dedicated to illustrating that there is an alternative way of living that’s kinder to the earth and its inhabitants. The magazine seeks to promote vegan do-gooders by spreading their stories and awarding them grants. Check out T.O.F.U. for reviews of popular vegan and plant-based cookbooks like Sarah Britton’s My New Roots and Emily Von Euw’s Rawsome Vegan Baking.


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Photos: Thoughtfully Magazine, Laika Magazine, Barefoot Vegan Magazine, Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, T.O.F.U. Magazine


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