5 Unconventional Vegan Breakfasts to Try

July 8, 2014

One of my favorite things about being vegan is the variety and color that I can bring to each of my meals. Before eating a plant-based diet, I had no idea what a daikon radish was, and the only leafy green I knew was the limp iceberg lettuce at the school cafeteria. These days, my meals are vibrant and full of nutrition. I try to incorporate many different vegetables, fruits, and grains into my meals as a means of receiving as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. Despite all this, I often find myself in breakfast ruts. Though dearly I love chia pudding, oats, and smoothies, it’s great to add some unconventional vegan breakfast ideas to a normal breakfast rotation.

1. Banana wraps

These are one of my favorite to-go breakfasts. Simply take one or two chard leaves (collards, romaine, and Boston lettuce all work), spread with a couple tablespoons of your favorite nut or seed butter, a teaspoon of agave or maple syrup, place your banana on top, and roll and slice in half to serve.

2. Breakfast salad

Some people have a hard time stomaching greens first thing in the morning. But if you’re a greens fiend like me, assemble a tasty salad with romaine, spinach, or mesclun. Add a steamed or roasted sweet potato and currants for sweetness. Top it with a quick almond or peanut butter dressing by whisking a tablespoon of almond butter with some almond milk and liquid sweetener.

3. Sweet potato with almond butter

This is another easy breakfast idea that’s perfect for a rainy morning. Simply steam a sweet potato until soft throughout. Let cool, then slice into 1 inch rounds. Thin a tablespoon of almond butter with a bit of almond or soy milk and drizzle on sweet potato. Serve with seasonal fruit.


Banana soft serve is a cooling breakfast treat on hot summer days!

4. Banana soft serve with granola

Sure, banana soft serve is a popular dessert among vegans, but it also makes a great breakfast on a steamy summer morning! Simply blend one frozen banana with fruit of choice and spices (blueberry-ginger is a current favorite). Top with granola for some crunch.


Serve a protein- and iron-rich dip with fruit!

5. Sweet dip with fruit

This is another fun idea that can be easily customized to suit your preferences. I like to have some protein in my breakfast; this chocolate peanut butter black bean dip or cinnamon spiced adzuki bean dip fit the bill nicely. In summer, mix and match your favorite stone fruits. These would also pair nicely with apples or pears in the fall!

Dumplings, what’s your favorite unusual breakfast? Please share!

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Photos: Molly Lansdowne

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