6 Reasons Vegans Love Ellen Page

February 18, 2014

I’ve had a major girl-crush on Ellen Page since I first saw her in Juno. Don’t judge me, okay? Sometimes I like hipster kitsch and a good cry! (I only saw Hard Candy a few years after that and loved her even more for it, but that one’s not for the faint of heart.) Recently her name has gone viral due to her coming out during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference. Men’s hearts broke across the globe and ladies squealed in delight, but more importantly, this woman has shown beaucoup courage and confidence by speaking up for LGBTQ folk and setting a fine example for young people all over. Here’s why we think she’s awesome!

Ellen Page

 1. She’s brave.

Check out her speech at the HRC’s Time to Thrive conference if you don’t believe me. (Warning: Make sure you’re sitting near a box of tissues for this one.) She keeps her cool the whole way through even though you can tell it’s difficult for her.

2. She’s an outspoken environmentalist.

Lots of celebs love nature–judging by how much they love vacationing in beautiful locales (ahem). Ellen is another breed: she actually studied permaculture at an ecovillage in Oregon, and has spoken out against biosludge in Canada (her home country). We can’t find any definite evidence that she is vegan–however, she has defended veganism publicly, like so:

ellen page tweet

3. She’s compassionate.

See Exhibit A above. Her impassioned speech isn’t about her coming out–it’s about how strongly Page feels about the good work that HRC does in supporting LGBTQ youth. She wants to be a part of that good work and by coming out she’s able to set a good example for those who are still in the closet or who are victims of teasing, bullying, violence, and discrimination.

4. She’s a super hero.

She’s Kitty Pryde. She’s portrayed a badass derby girl (Whip It), a teenager dealing with an unplanned pregnancy (Juno), and a vigilante against a sexual predator (Hard Candy), among other things. How cool is that?

5. She’s a feminist.

In her HRC speech, she mentions being scrutinized by the media for not dressing feminine enough. When she called this out during her speech, E! Online actually took down the story! She’s an outspoken feminist and supports reproductive freedom.

Yes, Peaceful Dumpling is a vegan site. So what does feminism have to do with veganism, you ask? Read this.

6. She’s a fox.

Okay, since she’s a lady, it’s a bit hackneyed to talk about her appearance, isn’t it? Hear me out on this. She’s naturally beautiful and her style is so effortless and comfortable. She’s not a typical Hollywood starlet. E! Online may think she doesn’t dress feminine enough, but I think she’s a super cool style icon.

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Photo: Elliott Page via Instagram

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