5 Ideas to Stay Glamorous in Summer Heat

July 7, 2015

Rooftop bars, cold beverages, longer evenings, and the warm air are a few of my favorite parts of summer. The humidity and overall feeling of melting into a puddle as soon as you step outside are parts that I could easily do without. If only all of us could be in the cast of Sex and the City where hair didn’t frizz and outfits didn’t cling to sweaty bodies- or we at least had a rooftop pool party to crash. While it’s easy to throw on some lightweight gym clothes, put your hair in a top knot, and call it a day, I’ve discovered that it takes about the same amount of effort to look put together and chic. I’ve stolen some tips from the most glamorous of New Yorkers, Bostonians, and Californians over the years to help look and feel glamorous all summer long.

Invest in some sunglasses and a fun/bright bag

I absolutely love my cat eye sunglasses and pink cross body once the temperatures reach above 80*. There is something elegant and timeless about the shape of the glasses and the bag always adds a nice pop of color to my year-round, all black wardrobe. Invest in a  good pair of glasses that suit your face shape (make sure they have UV protection!) and a pop of color or fun bag to add to your look. Even the most simple of outfits become a bit more glam with these simple additions.



the easiest chart to find sunglasses for your face shape


Find a simple hairstyle that you can own all summer long

Whether it is a polished ponytail, or a few braids, pick one simple hairstyle that you can rock all day. I love the high ponytail with a scarf headband, as I can go from work to drinks with minimal effort and minimal flyaways. A little bit of defrizzing serum also goes a long way when styling and helps smooth locks whether you are styling with heat or not. I love Aveda’s Smooth Infusion style prep serum and the entire no frizz line from Living Proof. Both leave my hair frizz free in the Boston humidity for about two days and extend the life of any style that I do.


Heat and humidity- proof your makeup routine

There is nothing worse than discovering during your 2pm coffee run that mascara has, in fact, melted down your face. It’s easy to forget to change up your makeup routine during the summer but there are plenty of products and easy routines. One of my mom’s older friends always advised me to try to skip foundation and anything heavy during the summer, and opt for SPF moisturizer, a bit of waterproof mascara, eyebrows, and eyeliner. A pop of color on my lips always rounds out any look that I’m going for and, again, makes my summer glam look transition easily from work to evening. Both Sarah and Mary have excellent tips and recommendations for summer proofing your makeup routine.


Purchase a few key, lightweight pieces that don’t cling

I used to think that the women who dressed up during the summer were crazy because I couldn’t imagine layering any more clothing on my always sticky body. I was convinced that it took more work and effort to put on lightweight, chic pieces than to throw on ratty gym clothes. Little did I know, there are plenty of lightweight linen dresses- even in black!- flowy blouses, tailored shorts, and pieces that accentuate any  figure. These take just as much effort as my usual garb, are generally more comfortable in hot weather, and look much more polished and put together. Some of my favorite summer pieces are the chino shorts from J.Crew, easy dresses from Madewell that I can dress up or down, as well as a variety of simple lightweight sleeveless tops that I can accessorize.



my all time favorite shorts

Don’t forget the essentials!

A good sunscreen for face, body, and hands is essential for looking and feeling glamorous all summer long, and don’t forget to hydrate for a glowing complexion! I freckle very easily and was introduced to wide brim hats a few years back. They are now my favorite accessory when going out during the day.

5 Ways to Stay Glamorous in the Midst of Summer

5 Ways to Stay Glamorous in the Midst of Summer

These ladies know how to work a hat!


What about you dumplings? What are some of your favorite ways to look and feel glamorous during the summer?

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Photo: J.Crew; Kseraboutique via Instagram; ontomywardrobe via Instagram

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