5 Hidden Gems at your Local Health Food Store

March 17, 2014


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Cucumbers, bananas, cereal, pumpkin seeds….cucumbers, bananas, cereal, pumpkin seeds, lentil chips. I almost forgot about the lentil chips!

Does this sound familiar – frantically racing around your local health food store, reciting a memorized grocery list like a panicked meditation? An unscheduled turn down the wrong aisle and you’re liable to forget what you came to buy (lentil chips, must remember the lentil chips!). Most of your trips to secure sustenance are an artfully choreographed dance intended to maximize your precious time and minimize potential abandoned produce (like tomatoes, why do we always forget about the tomatoes?). This could be made a little calmer by writing a shopping list.

A bit of wisdom to offer:

Next time your pantry starts looking a little bare, make a shopping list before you head to the store because grocery shopping is the best! I know I’m not the only one who enjoys a peaceful stroll down each aisle and chats with the employees in the vitamin section (they know so much!). When I recently discovered the toasted coconut chips with sea salt, it made my day! Slow down and carry that handy list. Walking the aisles and discovering the hidden gems in front of you is bliss, pure bliss!

To help inspire you, I made a list of 5 hidden gems at your local health food store that you may have missed. These are my favorite recent discoveries that I just can’t get enough of:


1. Nail Polish: Eco-friendly, mineral-based, and low VOC nail polishes. So many colors to choose from. Spring is almost here and we’re craving sprightly hues to shake off any lingering winter blues. Splurge on a vibrant shade of coral if for no other reason than to celebrate the fact that you made a grocery shopping list and you remembered the tomatoes!

[Great minds think alike? This totally wasn’t coordinated! Check out Mary’s coral lips tutorial]

2. Seed Packets: Organic seeds and heirloom varieties. Buy purple carrots? Please. We’re totally going to grow our own now! How fancy of us.

3. Candied Ginger: Great for your tea, to boost your energy, and so good in sweet treats. Does the phrase vegan chocolate candied ginger biscotti inspire you? Now I want to make a batch!

4. Nut Milk Bags: As soon as I had the thought: “I want to make my own nut milk,” I saw the nut milk bags. The store knows what I desire most! Handy. Reusable mesh bags designed to strain your nut or oat milk concoctions so you can make the flavor of your dreams: vanilla and maple syrup with a dash of sea salt. Yum.

5. Ayurvedic Soaps: Vata, Pitta, Kapha? There’s a soap for that. Unlike Apps, Ayurvedic soaps have limited ingredients of the purest quality and are perfect to help you bring balance to your dosha-type. Plus, they’re animal-friendly. We love that part!

Let’s make a pact – no more panicked memorized shopping list meditations. Trips to your local health food store should be fun! I’d love to hear about the hidden gems that you’ve recently discovered.

Happy exploring!

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Photo: Tanya Lichtenstein

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