5 Self-Care Habits That Are Enriching My Life As I Transition Into My 30s

March 7, 2019

When I was 10 years old, I saw the 30s decade as a sad first hint of Time reminding people of their approaching old age and mortality. As I wait for April to roll around with a brand new decade in my life, I did not expect to feel so excited! Living it up for the last 2 months of my 20s, I decided to foster new habits that will help me rock this transition! Cultivating these five habits has allowed me to mark a new beginning in my life, enriching it, and motivating me to build a business and turn my dreams into reality.

1. Weekly face masks.

Though I do not follow a strict schedule with my face mask, I have been diligent about dedicating extra time to skincare. I never had a proper skincare routine, and doing weekly face masks led me to view skincare as part of my health and wellbeing. When it comes to face masks, I like to change it up and try different brands each week. Eventually, I know I will come to have my favorite vegan brands that will also pamper my skin. Fostering self-care through facial masks has led me to make better choices about what I eat, and what kind of companies I am supporting through my purchase. Browsing for companies with a zero-carbon footprint is an addition to my looking for that cruelty-free logo.

2. Not checking social media the first 2 hours of my day.

This is still a work in progress. Abstaining from turning on my phone during the first couple of hours after I wake up has actually made me feel more productive and full of energy in the mornings. I used to make the excuse that I needed my phone for reading articles, or because those travel Instagram accounts are really great to start my day off inspired. The truth is that scrolling first thing in the morning only makes me feel tired. Realizing how long I had been on my phone before I even put on clothes was harming my morale. I am particularly strict about spending the first 30 minutes of my day mindfully sipping my coffee, and without any distractions. For 30 minutes, my only task is to slowly wake up my mind and body without bombarding my brain with information it does not need.

3. Protein shakes, turmeric, and collagen. 

Before I even serve my cup of coffee, I take turmeric and collagen supplements. The turmeric has helped me so much with inflammation, and the collagen has helped my hair get stronger. Last year, I experienced hair loss due to stress. Taking these steps to put my health first from the moment I wake up has truly allowed me to take responsibility for my body, and how it will continue to age as my life moves forward. Another amazing addition to my health has been drinking a protein shake after working out. I used to come out of boxing class starving, and would inevitably munch on unhealthy snacks. Nothing makes me feel like I have my life together like choosing a nutritious and delicious vegan protein shake to recover from an intense workout. Here is my favorite vegan protein so far.


4. Empowering podcasts.

It is easy to feel discouraged, or to let a negative thought take over your mindset. If there is anything I have learned in the past year is that mindset is everything. Whether you want to be happier, build a business, learn a new skill, or simply make more time for the things you love…Your mindset is what will determine your level of success, and how you will overcome any challenges along the way. That is why I have cultivated the habit of listening to podcasts while doing the dishes or in the shower. While I like to mix it up, I have recently been hooked by Rachel Hollis’ podcast RISE Together. Her fresh and honest perspective on business building and goal achievement puts me in the right mood to keep moving forward no matter what.

5. Taking classes and going to therapy. 

This is really about learning something new. Last year I went to therapy to overcome my flight phobia. After that was a whooping success, I decided to start going again this year. This time, I just want to learn more about myself and healthy ways of managing all that life brings my way. I have never felt more like a real student! Aside from therapy, I have taken an online course on social media marketing, I signed up for boxing classes, and have attended a few yoga classes. Next month my boyfriend and I will start taking dance lessons together. Keeping life interesting and new has made me feel younger than ever. I am ready to dive into my 30s completely aware that there is so much more to do and learn from others. Gaining new skills will be a huge part of this new chapter in my life, especially now that I have begun a new journey as an online entrepreneur.


If you are turning 30 soon, I hope you see it as a new chapter in your life to cultivate the growth mindset rather than the aging mindset. Let’s continue to live every day as if it was the best day of our lives! I am grateful for my 20s and all the wisdom that’s to come in my 30s. The best way to make this transition is to take small, daily actions that will shape the next 10 years into the best decade yet!

What habits are you cultivating today that your future self will thank you for?

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