5 Festive, Wellness Activities To Do Over The Christmas Holidays

December 22, 2022

Christmas is the perfect time to fill your calendar with fun activities to do with your family and friends. Whether you want to spend your time baking, going on winter walks or enjoying some shopping, there are always plenty of things to do around the festive period. This holiday season, here are five unique wellness activities to spend your time off and make the most out of the Christmas period.

Wreath Making

It’s a beloved tradition around the world to hang a Christmas wreath on your front door during the festive period, so why not make your own this year? Wreaths can be expensive, but if you make them yourself you can cut out a lot of the cost and make it into a fun thing to do with your family and friends. From collecting the natural foliage to creating dazzling designs, wreath making is a unique and creative way to celebrate the Christmas period. Try taking the trimmings from your Christmas tree or fallen branches around your house, bending them into a circle and winding it all together with twine. Pin or glue pinecones into it and tie a ribbon—a zero-waste wreath is born.

Winter Walks

Winter scenery is beautiful and there’s nothing better than wrapping up warm and heading into a snowy landscape. Long winter walks are a great way to balance out all of the food and drinking that’s done around Christmas and it’s a great thing to do when you’re ready for a breath of fresh air. Whether you want to walk around your local park or go further afield to a natural beauty spot, winter walks are an easy and fun thing to do over Christmas. Bonus: According to a new study by the researchers at Anglia Ruskin University, spending just 40 minutes in a snowy landscape leads to a boosted body image and self-compassion. You’ll feel a greater confidence and appreciation for your body—simply by walking in winter wonderland.


Ice Skating

Ice skating has always been a popular pastime of Christmas and you can usually find a skating rink in most cities around the festive season. If you’re looking for something fun to do as part of a day out with your loved ones or friends, ice skating is incredibly fun and is bound to get you in the festive spirit! This is a great activity to do on a day trip out somewhere or as part of a shopping day if you’re looking for a break from some retail therapy.

Festive Baking

Everyone loves home cooked food and this couldn’t be more true around Christmas. From cookies to pastries, pies to a roast, Christmas is the one time of year to show off your baking skills and create something spectacular. Whether you want to bake something as a gift, for dinner or as a snack at a big family day, baking is incredibly fun and is an easy way to bring some food to a big family meal!

Vegan Gingerbread Bundt Cake

Vegan Gingerbread Bundt Cake, anyone?

Christmas Shopping

As soon as Christmas has passed, there’s always a frenzy of shopping to be done. If you enjoy some retail therapy, the time between Christmas and New Year is the best opportunity to go and enjoy the festive shopping in your closest town and city. Why not venture out on a day trip to a new city or do some shopping as part of a family day out? Just be sure to bring your reusable shopping bag, only buy what you need or brings you joy (preferably both!), and look for the greenest things—a new study states that buying green products creates a “warm glow feeling” that we get from “pro-social behavior.” That’s right—we as humans are designed to enjoy being eco-friendly.

Whether you want to fill your calendar or do nothing at all, we hope these ideas inspire you to make the most out of the festive period. How will you be spending your time this Christmas?

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Photo: Element5 Via UnSplash; Emily Iris Degn; Lauren Sacerdote

Annabel Easton
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