5 Coolest Brunch Spots In Brooklyn That Feel Like Vegan Heaven

March 29, 2017
Our favorite 5 vegan (friendly) brunch spots in Brooklyn

“The Waffin” from Seven Points Espresso Bar in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is transforming quickly and is offering more and more vibrant dining options. Likewise, the Brooklyn vegan scene is growing and so are vegan restaurants and plant-based options at non-vegan restaurants. Needless to say, vegan brunch in Brooklyn is more delicious than ever, and we definitely have some favorites. If you’re looking for hip and healthy eats, we recommend checking out any of the following vegan and vegan-friendly brunch spots.

1. Seven Point Espresso Bar

Our favorite 5 vegan (friendly) brunch spots in Brooklyn

Tucked away on the edge of Crown Heights and Prospect Heights, this Australian-owned espresso bar offers a delicious brunch menu. It’s not entirely vegan, but it offers amazing plant-based options. We are obsessed with their acai granola bowl as well as the gorgeous avocado toast with hazelnut crunch and dukkah. Good news–all of the brunch items on the menu are offered all day, so sleep in!

2. Riverdel

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Riverdel, an entirely vegan cheese store, has recently increased their seating area so you can enjoy their extensive sandwich menu as well as coffee and hot chocolate. The classic ham and grilled cheese is our favorite. The smell is unbelievable. While you’re there, you’ll be seriously tempted to pick up a few of Riverdel’s vegan condiments. Not only do they make their own vegan cheeses, they also carry vegan cheeses from some of the top vegan cheese brands (including Miyoko’s and Fauxmage), offering a range of cheesy goods and spreadable creams.

3. Sun in Bloom

Our favorite 5 vegan (friendly) brunch spots in Brooklyn

This Park Slope restaurant is almost a vegan veteran, and it never gets old. The brunch menu will impress you and pretty much leave you speechless. Honestly, it’s hard to make a choice, but we love the tofu scramble with home fries if you are looking for something heartier. The orgasmic granola bowl hits the spot if you are looking for a sweet treat. Sunbloom specializes in organic, plant-based, vegan, raw living food, macrobiotic, and gluten-free food.

4. OJ Cleanse

Our favorite 5 vegan (friendly) brunch spots in Brooklyn

This tiny juice and smoothie place on Bergen Street is great for a quick breakfast or mini brunch. The berry acai bowl is delicious and so are the green smoothie options. Ingredients served at OJ Cleanse are organic, unpasteurized, and raw (read: detox-friendly!).

El Atoradero

Our favorite 5 vegan (friendly) brunch spots in Brooklyn

Another non-vegan place with amazing vegan options, El Atoradero offers a simplified version of their dinner menu for brunch. The veggie tacos are delicious, the jicama salad refreshing, and the guacamole rich. But our favorite is definitely their mushroom burrito (no cheese, extra spice). It could almost feed a small family, and it will definitely leave you craving more.

Have you tried any of these delicious, vegan-friendly Brooklyn brunch spots?

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Photo: Seven Points, Isabelle Steichen, Riverdel, El Atoradero

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