Kundalini Yoga Poses for Calm and Relaxation

June 5, 2014

Kundalini Yoga Poses - Peaceful Dumpling


Previously I shared with you why I’ve begun practicing Kundalini yoga poses–and I’m still in love with it! I do other forms of yoga as well, but Kundalini gets me in tune with my inner self within minutes instead of taking an entire half hour to hour class to feel truly relaxed. Most of these basic yoga poses are quite easy, and extremely beneficial to the body and mind. For these relaxation yoga poses it is important to keep your eyes closed and focus on the third eye chakra.

1. Sufi grinds are a way of rotating the spine and massaging the inner organs. Sufi grinds are good for digestion and easily brings the mind to a meditative state.

Start by sitting in easy pose (legs crossed, back straight) with your hands on your knees. Rotate your torso in a clockwise direction, inhaling deeply as you come forward and exhaling as you move backwards. Start slowly and gradually increase the speed of the movement, remembering to move at the hips. Continue for 1-3 minutes before switching directions. When you are finished come slowly to the center in easy position.

Kundalini Yoga Poses - Peaceful DumplingKundalini Yoga Poses - Peaceful Dumpling

2. Alternate nostril breathing (Surya Bhedana Pranayama & Chandra Bhedana Pranayama) is very simple, but balances the mind and relieves stress. Sit in easy pose and use your right thumb to close the right nostril. Inhale using the left nostril. Completely fill your lungs. For the exhale, block the left nostril with the right pinky. This should be a fluid movement and can be done from 3-31 minutes.

Kundalini Yoga Poses - Peaceful Dumpling

Kundalini Yoga Poses - Peaceful Dumpling
3. Camel pose is great for stretching the spine, throat and abdominal organs.
Begin kneeling, knees hip width apart. Feel the weight of your knees sink into the floor and slowly lift the lower back, tucking in the tailbone. Raise the heart center and hold the heels or press your palms to the soles of your feet while you lift your chest.

Kundalini Yoga Poses - Peaceful Dumpling

4. Smiling Buddha meditation increases positivity, opens the third eye, and boosts confidence. Sit in easy position and bring your arms to thirty degree angles with the hands near the shoulders. The index and middle fingers should be touching and pointing up, while the remaining fingers are closed together (almost like a peace sign). Shoulder blades should be down, with the chest expanded. Focus on your third eye and smile. Chant in your head “Sa Ta Na Ma”, which means “Infinity, life, death, and rebirth”. Do this for 3-31 minutes. When finished, rub the palms of your hands together and place them over your eyes. Relax.

Kundalini Yoga Poses - Peaceful Dumpling


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