3 Things To Stop Saying About Money—And What Happens When You Make This Change

March 31, 2022

We live in a physical world governed by energy. Thus, to understand, attract, and keep money we need to incorporate the laws of energy and spirituality into the discussion of financial independence and abundance. While some people invest immense amount of time, education, effort, calculation, prediction, trial and error into making a lot of money, others speak of money “chasing” them and flowing into their lives effortlessly. Is it even possible, and is there some truth to it? Absolutely. When I began reframing my financial situation through the laws of energy, connection, and attraction, I experienced a real shift to abundance. Here are the three things I stopped saying and thinking about money, which many people unknowingly do to reject money on an energetic level.

Stop being needy toward money

Like everything in this world, money responds to the energy we direct toward it. The way we think, feel about it, and they way we treat it when we have it, deal with it, determines whether we magnetize money to flow to us or build up a barrier to that natural flow. Imagine for a moment that money has consciousness. Are you attracted to someone who begs you to be in their life, keeps mumbling that they just cannot live without you, are and can do nothing without you, and just need you so bad? This is the energy of neediness. And most often, it repulses us to see that in other people, and we want to escape and run away from the pressure they are putting on us. What if giving out this energy toward money, yields the same result?

Neediness is the energy of lack. And as we perpetuate the state of lack, we see more and more evidence of lack. As we focus and pick up on, notice and celebrate abundance, in whatever size, form, and shape, we begin to receive more evidence of abundance. This is the law of attraction, which works incredibly well for us, vibrational beings. So how to focus on abundance when you experience lack?

  1. Change the negative words and statements about your finances (learn to at least not mention it at all, to yourself as well)
  2. Appreciate the money you do have, focusing on them being there rather than not being enough
  3. Allow yourself to dream and desire for more but doing so do not focus on the problems that you are trying to fix, but on the desire itself.

When it comes to desiring more money, there is a huge difference between talking and thinking about it from the standpoint of why you need it and what it would fix, and talking and thinking of just having enough and living a good life. The former makes you stressed, makes you realize your lack and sink deeper into it. The latter lightens and brightens you up, and so does your vibration. Dreaming without worry, stress, and fear connects you the vibration of abundance, which is what opens doors for you.

I invite you to study Abraham Hicks teachings about the importance of vibrations we emanate. You will find a lot of episodes describing how to cultivate that positive vibration in the midst of struggle. It is always possible, and may be harder at first, but gets easier with time. Practice makes perfect.

Stop saying and thinking that money is bad

Like everything, it is only good or bad depending on how you use it. If you keep saying money is bad, you are basically moving further and further away from it. Let’s bring in a dating example, once again. When a guy is rejected by a girl, he would often shout: “oh you are ugly anyway!” Many people act like this with money. Not having enough, they begin to resent it and resent those who have it. It is understandable, these are human emotions. However, his resentment signals to the Universe that you don’t like money and don’t want it. So the Universe then fulfills your command, “protecting” you from dealing with more of money. The law of attraction.

The fact that everyone does it and talks regularly about how much they need money and think it’s bad, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. Many of such habits and ways of thinking have been induced into us on purpose, to keep our power blocked, and stop us from growing out of a system’s servant mentality. Nobody teaches us at schools how to make money from a vibrational standpoint, as if we realize the power of our mind in doing this and more, we can never be controlled by those systems.

Stop saying that money is not important

This is another trap many of us fall into: the idea that we don’t need money at all. In fact, all we need to live a beautiful life is peace within. However, money is an important part of our reality and it does make many things easier. It is okay for us to desire materialistic things. We can acknowledge money is welcome and appreciated, while not making it the most important thing of all. There is a difference between depending our happiness on it and simply wishing it for fun.

Abraham Hicks always says that whenever you wish something to have fun, the Universe will gladly fulfill that request, but if your desire is coming out of worry, fear, concern, and doubt, you have some work to do on your vibration. So today, or right now, envision yourself having enough of money to do all you prefer, focus on how much you will enjoy, how at ease, relaxed, and fulfilled it feels. Exercise and practice that vibration daily. Dream with no attachment to whatever you are experiencing today.

Treat the money you have and that are on their way to you with appreciation, respect, and care

Keep your money neat, organized and cared for. This is also a good tip for attracting more of it. This cultivates the vibration of appreciation, and nothing brings in more blessings than the feeling of gratitude. So speak gratitude into what you have today, notice it, acknowledge it. We so often overlook what is, focusing on what is missing. Let’s focus on what is not missing. And as you do so you will be missing less and less. Just be truthful about it. Don’t try to pretend you value what you have, secretly expecting more to come from saying those things. You cannot fool the vibration or the Universe. Seek, dig deep, and find that gratitude. Start small. And connect to the feeling of having enough, even if today it is just your imagination. Allow your mind to go there freely, so that your physical body and physical experience follows.

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Photo: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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