3 Creative Ways to Use Beets + Benefits!

February 16, 2015


Ever worn a beet mask?

Read below I will teach you how make one…plus two other ways to incorporate the amazing benefits of beets into your life.

Beets consist of the lower section, the beet roots, and leafy green upper section. The lower bulbous portion of the vegetable is the part most people are accustomed to eating. This is also the piece that most people think of when referring to a beet.

It is interesting to note that in ancient times, it was the leafy portion that was used first. It took a few centuries for our ancestors to understand that the lower bulbous section could also be utilized.

Personally, I find the leafy section unique in flavor and in complete truth, somewhat bitter to eat. I find that although it can be eaten raw or sautéed, I enjoy it best as an addition to other fruits and vegetables when juicing.

 The benefits of beets:

The root of the plant is an excellent source of potassium, manganese, and fiber. Beet greens are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron.

Studies suggest that the phytonutrients, which give that vibrant red color to the beet, may fight cancer cells. Beets also lower blood pressure and boost stamina. They contain betaine which fights inflammation.  They also help to improve sexual function by increasing blood flow–neat! 😀

Beets are as potent as they are vital. Limit your daily intake to two cups, especially when starting out. If your body is not accustomed, it could be overpowering and upsetting, especially to your stomach. It’s good rule of thumb to start out slow when incorporating anything new into your routine. After you see how your body reacts, slowly add more.

3 Creative Ways to Use Beets!

1. Eat as a (or in a) Meal: Beets can be added to soups, salads, or eaten alone. Makes a super addition to most any dish, anytime of day!

Easy Beet Root Recipe

2 beets roots

2 cups spinach

1 tablespoon lemon juice

½ cup olive oil

½ cup white onion

½ teaspoon oregano

2 basil leaves

*Be careful beet juice stains!

Slice your beets.

Steam them.

Fill one pot with just enough water to barely touch the steamer basket. Be careful and make sure the lid of pot is slightly off to one side so that the steam has somewhere to go.

They should be tender but not mushy. Let them cool, when cooled the skins should be easy to remove, they’ll practically fall off.

Mix them.

In a large bowl, mix spinach, beets, olive oil, oregano, basil, lemon, and onion. Makes a great and super tasty salad, any time of day!

2. As a delicious beet juice

Simply juicing beets alone is very beneficial and has outstanding health benefits. If you’re looking to slowly incorporate them or would like to couple their nutrients with that with other fruits and vegetables, try this easy recipe.

Super Simple Juicing Recipe

½ beet

1 beet leaf

½ cup of pineapple

1 apple

1 orange

1 teaspoon ginger

Don’t have a juicer? Mix in a blender on high and add a cup of water.

3 Creative Ways to Use Beets + Benefits!

3. In your Beauty Regimen: Beet Facial Mask

1 whole beet root

¼ cup water

¼ cup Raw Agave

Grate the raw beet. In a medium sized bowl mix water, beet, and the raw agave. Can be used daily, will give you glowing skin, and reduce blemishes and discolorations.

Wearing this mask 2- 3 x a week for approximately 20 minutes will increase benefits and create a real radiance.

Beets are an outstanding way add some additional nutrients to your diet, boost your energy, and brighten your skin.

Add a little beet to your daily routine and your body will reward you with better health and beautiful skin!


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Photo: Alex Kudukis; tracy benjamin via Flickr

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