16 Weeks to Your First Marathon: Week 3

January 27, 2014

Photo Credit: Claire Harris

With your weekly mileage and speed beginning to increase regularly from here on out, you’ll need to protect yourself from the bane of long distance runners: blisters.  Long runs in sweaty clothes can result in rashes and blisters under arms, between thighs, on feet and (ouch) on nipples.  One of the best ways to prevent chafing and blisters is by following the ABC’s of running- Anything But Cotton.  Find proper running clothes that are lightweight and made of materials that will pull moisture away from your skin. Even with the proper outerwear, blisters and skin irritation can still occur when training for long-distance runs.

Here are a few natural remedies for blisters and rashes to help you get over the hurt and back on the road:

5 Natural Remedies for Blisters and Skin Irritation

1. Epsom Salt– Your grandma was right, this mineral eases sore muscles and inflamed skin.  Mix in 1 cup with your bath water to relax and heal irritation.

2. Turmeric– This bright orange rhizome heals skin irritation.  Apply a paste made with water and wrap affected area with gauze.  Keep away from clothes, as it might stain.  Go ahead and make some curry with it while you’re at it!

3. Aloe Vera– If you have ever had a sunburn and used aloe as a cure, you know the soothing, cool feeling this plant leaves behind.  Apply directly from the leaves to painful irritation and blisters for immediate pain relief.

4. Coconut Oil–  Is there anything this oil can’t do?  Apply coconut oil to affected areas, even if open.  The oil will soothe and moisturize while acting as an antibiotic.

5. Keep it Clean– If the blister pops or the rash is bleeding, be sure to wash thoroughly with soap, clean with hydrogen peroxide and apply antibacterial ointment.  The only thing worse than a blister is an infected one.

Here it is! Your third week of recommended workouts:

Monday: 10 minute warm up, 35 minute easy run, 5 minute cool down

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 8x (400m @ fast pace, 400m jog),  1 mile cool down

Wednesday: 10 minute warm up, 45 minute easy run, 5 minute cool down

Thursday: 10 minute warm up, 60 minute easy run, 5 minute cool down

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 1 mile warm up, 9 miles easy run + 3 miles at race pace, 5-10 minute cool down

Sunday: Cross train 30-60 minutes

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