Love: 12 Signs You Found the One - Vegan Edition

February 14, 2014

12 signs you found the one - vegan edition

There are many different kinds of passion and attraction, but only one kind of very special love–the kind when you become a part of ‘us.’  In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are 12 signs you found the One.

1. When your guy doesn’t freak out upon hearing you’re vegan on your first date–and asks you out to a vegan restaurant for the second date.

2. When he goes out of his way to let his family know you’re vegan–and his mom fills the fridge with vegan food prior to your visit.

3. When he loves vegan chocolate cake as much as you do–and always gives you the last bite.

4. When you wake up and you find your toothbrush is wet–but instead of getting mad that your guy might have used it (like you would, if it were a roommate), you think it’s funny and cute.

5. When your guy goes grocery shopping by himself and picks up nutritional yeast–“because I know we’re running low.”

6. When he tells all his omni friends how amazing all your vegan food is–and says he can’t even “tell the difference.”

7. When he cleans Tofutti containers until they’re all squeaky clean and puts them in recycling.

8. How excited he gets about composting and freaks out if some peel goes into garbage instead.

9. When he complains about how stupid reality wedding shows are, but watches next to you and comments on the dresses.

10. When he says becoming vegan made him stronger/fitter/more energetic.

11. When there is no one else you’d rather spend all your time with.

12. When you adopt an animal together–and said animal becomes a part of your “family.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, peaceful dumplings!!


Photo: Mingus Mutter via Flickr; Peaceful Dumpling



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