10 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

October 30, 2015

Some days you just don’t wanna.

You’re tired, you’re cranky, and the only thing you want to do is crack open a bottle of wine and over indulge on vegan artisanal cheeses. In fact, the sheer effort it takes to get off the couch and put on your running shoes seems like pure torture.  Well, you know what? STOP WHINING AND GET UP AND GET YOUR BUTT MOVING!!!!!!!

The thing to keep in mind, when we are feeling unmotivated to work out, is getting started is often the hardest part. Once you get going, those endorphins kick in. Then you remember how good a hard workout feels and why you originally made the commitment.

10 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout | Peaceful Dumpling

So instead of me yelling at you through an article, what are some other ways to get yourself pumped up to work out:

1. Sign a commitment contract- Write down your goals and make a solid, plausible deadline. Share your commitment contract publicly, like on Facebook, so that other people can hold you accountable.

2. Find inspiration- Sometimes I just need a little boost. When I’m not feeling particularly active, I look for pictures and articles about vegan bodybuilders. Often, this is just the reminder I can achieve that too and I need to get my butt moving.

3. Think about it daily- Every morning plan out your workout. Make a date with yourself. Do some visualization. For example, I picture how the sun feels on my face and how good my body feels after my workout is over.

4. Give yourself real rewards- Go ahead and bribe yourself with that really delicious smoothie. Giving yourself little rewards here and there can help you stay motivated and focus on the prize.

5. Invest in workout clothes- I think this is a really good one. I know it’s hard for me to part with my hard earned cash. So buying quality workout gear inspires me to use it.

6. Create a fitness challenge with friends- You can put together a month long squat, crunch and push-up challenge to create a friendly competition with your pals. It might just be all the motivation you need.

7. Find a new routine- If you’re feeling unmotivated, maybe you just need a new routine. Pinterest is a beautiful place to find any type of workout you may be interested in. Here at Peaceful Dumpling, you can also find an assortment of workouts ranging from ballet arms to yoga moves.

8. Make an iron-pumping playlist- Sometimes all I need are some good jams. Obviously certain types of music are better than others for this. For example, I love lifting weights to Slipknot, running to Deadmau5, or doing yoga moves to the melodic tones of Tool.

9. Call for help-  Still not feeling it? Call a friend and ask them to motivate you. Sometimes all you need is a friendly voice cheering you on or yelling at you like an ex-marine drill instructor. Whatever works for you 😉

10. Get a phone app that pays- Last but not least, there are phone apps out there that will pay you money every time you workout and reach your goals.  Check out the app Pact. With this app, you set your goals weekly and then if you don’t meet them you have to pay up and vice versa.

 What do you do to get pumped for a workout?

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