10 Traits of Successful Momtrepreneurs

February 26, 2014

Women from all walks of life are increasingly prioritizing family life. So naturally, more moms than ever are eager to attain career flexibility and work autonomy. A modern mother might envision being free to care for her children without the restraints of a job that frowns upon her family priorities. In her dream world, she is self-sufficient, empowered, financially secure, and has an overall sense of fulfillment. But what does it take to transform a mom into a “momtrepreneur”? Becoming your own boss can be an extremely delicate, challenging, complex, yet not impossible and truly rewarding. But before you make the leap, ask yourself if you have these traits of successful momtrepreneurs.

1. Are you a self-starter? Being a momtrepreneur requires a tremendous amount of self-motivation. You’ll have to be your own cheerleader, and motivate yourself to get the work done each day, without the reassurance and feedback from a boss. Your positive internal dialogue voice must be strong, clear and consistent. Highly successful momtrepreneurs have an unmistakable and relentless “go getter” mentality.

2. Do you have a passion?  You have to know what your passion or at least have some idea of what you truly enjoy doing. If your motivation is devoid of inspiration, there will be very little to fuel your goals and give them the momentum they’ll need to soar. Knowing what you want and why you want it is half the battle.

3. Do you have a plan? Business planning allows you to create specific goals and determine how you will achieve them. So it’s essential that you’re able to put your plan on paper. Writing your goals, vision, and objectives will also create a means of accountability.

4. Are you innovative? Creativity is fundamental. Experts often refer to entrepreneurs as dreamers. They thrive on new adventures and challenges and enjoy creating alternative means to accomplish their goals.

5. Are you optimistic? It is crucial that you have the ability to find the silver lining when clouds roll your way. The most common self-identified trait of highly successful athletes is optimism. It means believing you have the ability to succeed, no matter what your current circumstances.

6. Do you have social media skills? Ability to manage multiple social media accounts and meaningfully engage potential customers is a requisite these days. Establishing a strong social media presence can make the difference between a mediocre business and a highly successful one.

7. Can you manage money? Cash flow is the lifeline of your business. Knowing how to differentiate personal and business funds is an essential function. This means that even if your business is your “baby,” you have the ability to refrain from making financial decisions based on emotion.

8. Do you have organizational skills? Mompreneurs often work from home, especially at the beginning stages. Typically they are balancing the responsibilities of home life, work life and everything in between–from one location. Although you’ll most likely be working primarily from home, it’s critical that you keep work and personal lives separate. (For instance, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to arrange a conference call when you’re attending your son’s baseball game.) You’ll have to master switching roles and know when and how to switch gears efficiently.

9. Are you willing to network? Most people don’t start out having an excellent network–they build it by attending meetings, events, luncheons, seminars, etc. Being sociable will be especially important if you are an independent contractor or consultant.

10. Are you unafraid of failure? How do you deal with rejection or missteps? If you’re easily discouraged, you will have to take evaluate whether you are mentally prepared to handle disappointments that may arise. Let downs are bound to show up, at times unexpectedly. Do you have what it takes to confront your failure and bounce back from a disappointment or loss, not once but possibly many times? Effective mompreneurs learn from their mistakes.
How did you do? Did you mark more than half of the options on this checklist? If not, don’t worry: remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Taking baby steps towards your dreams is already admirable. Let your motivation and passion mobilize you. As a mom, you hold one of the most challenging and demanding roles that has ever existed. If you’ve been able to master that job, you clearly have the potential to run your own business.  If you decide to start your business, whatever you do, don’t give up. Simply said, if you want to be a successful momtrepreneur…become one!

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