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10 New Vegan Whole Food Products You Need to Try


I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of living a plant-based lifestyle is watching new and exciting products make their debuts onto the vegan scene. I know I’m not the only one who loves leisurely roaming the aisles at my local health food store. And while I’m open to trying pretty much any new vegan product on the market, I’m especially drawn to creative new whole food-based products since they require that much more creativity and nuance. I remember when I first discovered Emmy’s Organics raw macaroons…life-changing!

Now, in 2015, there are more whole foods, vegan products than ever before. I’m excited to try the products below (as soon as I save a couple month’s worth of paychecks… :)). Also note that when I use the “whole foods” here, it’s really a broad use of the term. Some of these products are more processed than others, but they are still whole foods-based and minimally processed.

1. Lovebean Fudge


When introduced to veganism, a lot of people mistakenly believe that they will need to forsake chocolate. Thankfully, this isn’t so, and Lovebean Fudge goes above and beyond to prove it. With flavors like sea salt caramel, coconut, and hazelnut, how could you go wrong? Not only do these fudges include mostly raw ingredients, but they are filled with cool superfoods.

2. Bgreen Millet Pasta


With the introduction of bean-based pastas to the market, it was only a matter of time before spaghetti was made utilizing other grains like millet. I don’t eat pasta often, but this organic millet angel hair pasta has me craving a big bowl of the stuff.

3. Baobab Fruit Bites


As an omnivore, I used to love the chewy sweetness of gummy bears and worms. While there are plenty of vegan versions already on the market, I love that these bites contain baobab, a superfood high in vitamin C.

4. Clearly Kombucha


I love kombucha, and I adore this brand for the unique flavors, which include chai cola, raspberry ginger, Asian pear, black currant, and more. Best of all, Clearly Kombucha donates 1% of sales to the International Rescue Committee, a global aid organization that assists refugees in the aftermath of conflict or natural disaster.

5. Essential Living Foods Chocolate-Covered Goji Berries


Way better than chocolate-covered raisins, chocolate-covered goji berries boast protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Oh yeah, and they’re delicious. Store some in your desk at work for easy snacking; your coworkers will be jealous!

6. Just Pure Foods Chocolate Kalenola



This had to happen eventually, right? Kale and granola and chocolate: what’s not to love? Add a little almond milk, and you have yourself a nutrient-rich (if slightly weird) prepared breakfast option whenever you’re in a rush. Yum.

7. Treeline Nut Cheese


Nut-based cheese seems to be all the rage these days, and for good reason: they are rich, tangy, and creamy, which are all necessary in a stellar cheese. Treeline sells both soft and aged cheeses in traditional flavors including scallion, peppercorn, herb-garlic, and cracked pepper. Perfect for a classy vegan wine and cheese party!

8. Evo Hemp Bars


All vegan, made with less than 10 ingredients. Thanks to the addition of hemp seeds, these bars are protein rich without utilizing protein powder. Flavors include cashew cacao, cherry walnut, mango macadamia, pineapple almond, cacao dragon, and apple pecan. Can I have a case of each, please?

9. KARMA Nuts


Another great on-the-go snack, KARMA nuts are wholesome, filling, and delicious. Nuts are offered in three varieties: wrapped (retaining their natural skin for added crunch and nutrition), roasted, and raw. Eat them alone, on a salad, or add to trail mix.

10. Munk Pack


By now, you’ve probably seen the chia squeeze packs at your local grocery. These Munk Packs take the same idea, but contain oatmeal instead! Sure, they would be great for children, but I wouldn’t mind packing a few for travel or camping this summer!

Do you have a favorite whole foods product that we should try?

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