10 Awesome Staycation Ideas

May 20, 2015

10 Awesome Staycation Ideas - Peaceful Dumpling

My last break was about 4 years ago when I packed up and moved across country. For one reason or another, I just haven’t been able to take a vacation. This is not good. Research has shown that breaks are necessary for our overall productivity and mental health. Taking a vacation can reduce stress, remove creative blocks, and just boost overall well-being. This year I decided to take a staycation, 10 whole fun-filled days of goofing off, exploring my backyard, and getting my mojo back.


Stressed? Foggy mind? Feeling uncreative? You should consider a staycation too! Here are 10 awesome staycation Activities to help you get your groove back:

1. Backyard Camping Trip- This idea reminds me of being a kid. Dust off those sleeping bags, grab some vegan ‘mellows, and have yourself a great outdoor experience sleeping under the stars.

2. Movie Marathon- Got a rainy day on your staycation? Plan a movie marathon! Make it a theme! Some great ideas examples are Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Classic movies. Dress in costume and make matching theme goodies to snack on.

3. Go Sightseeing- Many times we take local attractions for granted. Check out your local museums, science centers, or nifty unique attractions in your own backyard.

vegan, staycation, vacation, ideas

Exploring local trails with the pup.

4. Have a Thrifting Day- Grab a friend and find all of the vintage and thrift stores in your area. Find great deals and buy a little slice of history.

5. DIY Spa day and Detox- There are some really great DIY facial masks, scrubs, and hair masks that you can create an amazing spa day for a fraction of the cost. Just check out our Get Glowing section! Make it even more special than usual by putting some fresh flowers in your bathroom, lighting a few candles, and turning on some favorite soothing music.

6. Plan a day trip- Even just a few hours outside of your city can be super exciting. Look for state parks or attractions that are just a couple of hours away and have a crazy, local road trip.

7. Geocaching Ever heard of it? It’s like a treasure hunt for adults using GPS to find hidden capsules at each location. Just download the app and join in the game!

8. Visit your local library- Have a reading vacay. Go to the library and get some of the latest titles and get caught up in a good story. Need ideas on what to check out? Here is a list to get you started.

vegan, staycation, vacation, ideas

A little light staycation reading.

9. Fancy Schmancy Dinner Party- Make something fancy sounding, light a couple of candles and get dressed up. Invite a few friends over and make it a party or keep it intimate and just have dinner with your loved one or furry family member.

10. Do Nothing- Don’t plan anything, take it easy, and see where the day takes you. Almost every day of your life, you make and follow plans. Feel free to start each day as a blank canvas–it is the ultimate luxury!

Have an exciting staycation ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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